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1: Call first.
2: Press the icon below:
3: Wait for the file to download.
4: Run the file and allow admin permissions if prompted.
5: Wait for the code to appear.
6: Provide the code to your technician.


A customer received an email recently that went like this:

(I replaced several items with "xxxxxxxx" because I don't want to identify my customer here)

From: Bess Ni [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 6:30 AM
Subject: Confirm: "xxxxxxxx" Registration
(Please forward to the President or Brand Owner, thanks)
Dear Brand Holder,
Sorry to bother you inexplicably. We are a China's domain name registration supplier, and there is one thing we would like to confirm with your company.  On October 22, 2013,  we received an application form online from a company called "Zong Yang trading co.,ltd"  who wants to apply for some domain names and brand name related to "xxxxxxxx" . In order to avoid confusion and  adverse impact on your company, we need to verify whether this company is a subsidiary of you or did you authorize them to register the related brand name and domain names? Currently, we have not formally accepted the application of that company, we need to get your company's confirmation. Please give us a timely response within 7 work days. So that we can better deal with this case. Thank you
Best Regards,
Bess Ni 
Registration Department
I think it's a hoax. On Google I found only ONE other post about this email. That person replied and received an almost immediate email back that contained domain registration forms and of course, registrations cost. The company that sent this email is an actual domain registrar called PC Internet Data Center ( in China but I suspect these emails are just a way to trick unknowing people into registering their brand with Chinese top level domains (TLDs). Normal TLDs would be .com, .net, .org but they'd try to get you to register .ch, .asia, .hk, etc. I've posted this here in the hope that it helps people make a decision regarding this company.

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