Remote Support
1: Call first.
2: Press the icon below:
3: Wait for the file to download.
4: Run the file and allow admin permissions if prompted.
5: Wait for the code to appear.
6: Provide the code to your technician.

Press 1 to Update Your FREE Google Listing

Received this call?

How about "It's time to update your FREE Google listing"?

These are scams. They'll claim to have a special arrangement with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc and that they can get you to be the top listing on all these search engines under any keywords you want. They'll also say you have to act fast because the window of opportunity is closing.

Guess what?

They won't provide what they're promissing and they won't do it for free.

What will they do?

They'll charge you a lot...      and then they'll do nothing for you.

Be carefull to not get taken by this scam.

I haven't learned this from personal experience, but I have done research on it and learned from other people's experience. I received about 5 of these calls today. How many did you get?

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