Remote Support
1: Call first.
2: Press the icon below:
3: Wait for the file to download.
4: Run the file and allow admin permissions if prompted.
5: Wait for the code to appear.
6: Provide the code to your technician.

Here are some tips on how to get started using Office 365 Hosted Exchange:

Outlook Web Access

To login for the first time (or after a password reset by the administrator):

  1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter your email address and password in the fields provided.
  4. Press “Sign In”.
  5. If this really is the first time you've signed in, it will prompt you to change your password. You'll have to enter your old password once, then your new password twice.
  6. If it doesn’t bring you directly to your email, click on “Outlook” up at the top of the page.
For a short video showing how to do this, watch this:



To add your new Exchange account to Outlook (that has an existing POP or IMAP account):

  1. Open Control Panel and click on the Mail icon (change from Category view to Classic or icons to see them all in alphabetical order).
  2. Click the Email accounts button then click New.
  3. In the Add Account screen, enter your name, email address and password (twice), then click Next.
  4. Wait a minute for it to discover your settings, then click Finish.
  5. If it doesn't work, see the next section.

For a short video showing how to do this, watch this:


Older Outlooks (2007 & 2010)

If you have an older version of Outlook you may need some updates, esspecially a "Sign-in Update". Here is an easy place to get the updates: 

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web Access at
  2. Click the little gear in the top right corner and choose "Office 365 Settings".
  3. Now choose "Software" on the left.
  4. Click the "set up" button, save the file that starts to download, then run it.
  5. It will check which updates you need, then offer to install them. If you're already ok to use the account, it'll tell you that too.

Note; Outlook 2007 is the oldest version of Outlook that supports Office 365 Exchange accounts. If your version is older than this, you'll need to either upgrade or use another method to connect. Contact me for more information.

For a short video showing how to do this, watch this:

Copy from PST to Exchange (simple method)

You should probably use the "Import" method below unless you only have a few folders to transfer to your new account.  Anything more than that and it's worth the trouble to Import it instead.

Here is a video showing how to do this though:

Import from PST file (from POP account)

If you've just upgraded from a POP/SMTP account to an Exchange account, you might have some email to move into the new system. There are quite a few steps to follow so I've only done a video to show how to accomplish this.

Here is the video:


You might want to setup your shiny new Exchange account on your Android phone or iPhone. I don't have exact step by step instructions, but it's generally fairly easy.


  1. Go to your accounts screen and choose to add a new Exchange or Corporate account.
  2. It will prompt you for your email address and password.
  3. It might have a problem obtaining some of the information. If it does, you'll have to get it from your IT guy (me?). 
  4. If it asks about SSL or TLS, choose Yes. Microsoft's hosted Exchange servers do require SSL.
  5. If it prompts for the server name, you'll also have to get that from your IT guy.
  6. Do not just start guessing. You have to get everything perfect to the letter so it's better to just get the information from your IT guy and let him deal with it.  That's what I'm, I mean that what he's, there for.

A few Notes:


  • The original Kindle Fire does NOT natively support Exchange accounts. I don't know about the HD versions. There is software available to do this though and it's not very expensive.
  • iPhones can be finicky. Someitmes all the right settings don't work and then they do. Wierd.
  • I'll try to post a video of this on an Android phone when I get a chance.
  • My Android phone appears to support multiple Exchange accounts, but when I try to do it it doesn't work. This is just a heads up in case you have multiple Exchange accounts and want to give it a try.