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MSSQLSERVER Log On As a Service

So I have just a simple thing here:

When giving MSSQLSERVER the "Log on as a service" right (required for the SQL instance to run), it is taken away after every restart. How to resolve this in an easy way?

First, create a GPO and add "Local SQL Services" to the "Log on as a service" PolicyNext, apply that policy to an OU that contains the SQL server.

Note: in my case the SQL server is under "Member Servers" so I applied the GPO to that. This isn't an issue for the other non-SQL servers because the local group "Local SQL Services" doesn't exist on them anyway.

On the SQL Server, create a group called "Local SQL Services".

Put the user "NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER" into that group.

Run "GPUPDATE /FORCE" at an admin command prompt.

Restart the SQL server and you should find that the SQL services have started.


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